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Semi Truck Repair Shop | Semi Truck Repair | Semi Truck

Everything You Should Know About Searching For Semi Truck Repair Here are the five things to look for when searching for a semi truck repair shop. We all know that getting back on the road ASAP after a breakdown is critical to the commercial trucker. Delays in delivering your goods can cause big headaches, resulting […]

Truck Conversion | Chevy Truck Conversion | Short Bed Swap

Chevy Silverado Truck Conversion Considering a truck conversion? Rather than forking over the cash on a new truck, why not convert. Take a look at this video to see the magic created at Vasquez Truck Repair. These guys really are the best in the business and this video shows you just that! Then, when you’re […]

Short Bed Truck Conversion | GMC Sierra | Short Bed Conversion

GMC Sierra Short Bed Truck Conversion Trucks have always been a vital part of the American car culture. These machines are no longer strictly designed for work as these days, they offer a rich all-in-one package, making them also suitable for road trip adventures, leisure activities and even performance stunts. As a result of their evolved nature, the […]

Truck Bed Conversion | Short Bed Conversion | Long Bed Conversion

Facts To Know About Short Bed To Long Bed Conversions Turning a short bed truck into a long bed truck, otherwise known as short bed conversion, is definitely a thing, or wish for that matter, that you don’t see or hear about every day. The question though is, how major is it? Can you just […]

Custom Chevy Trucks | Custom Truck Kits | Chevy Truck Conversion

Why Drive an Ordinary Chevy Truck When You Can Drive a Custom Chevy Truck? Have you ever dreamed of owning a vintage Chevy truck? Well, guess what? You’re in luck! Vasquez Truck Center is your trusted resource for custom Chevy trucks. Your Chevy truck, built your way. From the truck’s engine to the exterior paint […]

Short-bed Replacement | Truck Bed Replacement | Truck Bed Restoration

Truck Bed Panels – Short-bed Replacement Trucks are workhorses, no doubt, and their beds take abuse from the inside and outside. From damaging payloads to plastic liners that trap moisture against the bed floor, the inside of a truck bed gets abused. The outside of the truck bed is right there with it, taking hits […]

Semi Body Shop | Collision Repair Near Me | Body Shop Near Me

We are Vasquez Truck Repair, the best body shop and collision center in the Inland Empire. We specialize in collision repair and use only quality parts and paint for your vehicle. We work with all auto insurance companies, the process is painless and efficient so that you have your car back in a timely manner. […]

Truck Color Trends | Semi-Truck Painting | Automotive Paint

Truck color trends, how will they translate from personal to professional? What color we choose for our car says alot about us, or so it’s been said. Color is an expression of taste, individuality or even the desire to conform for some. The choice of color for personal vehicles can run the gamut but do […]

Heavy Duty Truck Repairs | Semi-Truck Repair Services | Heavy Duty Truck Parts

Vasquez Truck Repair specializes in heavy duty truck repairs and offers brand name heavy duty truck parts. Our truck repair services include laser alignments, steering and drivetrain repairs, anti-collision safety system installation, suspension repair, truck axle and trailer axel repair, brake repair service, hydraulic hoses made while you wait, custom u-bolts and much more. Vasquez […]

Semi Truck Repair | Diesel Truck Repair | Diesel Engine Repair

Trucking is an integral part of the economy, often called the lifeblood of American infrastructure. When you have other people and businesses relying on the delivery of materials and products, we understand the importance of getting your truck back on the road. Vasquez Truck Repair is excited to offer a full-service center for heavy duty […]