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Truck Bed Panels – Short-bed Replacement

Trucks are workhorses, no doubt, and their beds take abuse from the inside and outside. From damaging payloads to plastic liners that trap moisture against the bed floor, the inside of a truck bed gets abused. The outside of the truck bed is right there with it, taking hits from road debris and getting covered with salt spray. That salt gets into every crack and seam and slowly corrodes every bed panel, from lower quarters to wheel arches to the tailgate. To make sure your truck works as hard as it needs to while continuing to look great, you need a source of pickup bed replacement bedside replacement parts. If you don’t want to replace or re-skin your whole truck bed, we have the truck bed panels you need to repair the rust damage. At Vasquez Truck Repair, our commitment to you is offering the best of the best in aftermarket box side, bed, and quarter panels and all the other components you need for maintenance and truck bed replacement restoration projects. At Vasquez Truck Repair, we offer our bedside panels and other replacement parts as part of a huge, carefully curated selection. We want you to have options when searching for components for your truck bed restoration project, which is why we offer filtering tools that will narrow down to the choices for your specific make and model year. And we offer replacement box parts for a variety of makes and model years. We’re committed to being the source for aftermarket quarter panels and other products and that commitment shines through in our huge selection.

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