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GMC Sierra Short Bed Truck Conversion

Trucks have always been a vital part of the American car culture. These machines are no longer strictly designed for work as these days, they offer a rich all-in-one package, making them also suitable for road trip adventures, leisure activities and even performance stunts. As a result of their evolved nature, the pickup trucks are significantly larger than their predecessors.

Take the GMC Sierra 1500, for example – it hasn’t been offered as a short-bed truck since 2018 with the automaker being more interested in the more popular crew cab models. A Sierra owner decided he badly wanted a short bed Sierra and took things under control with a short bed conversion.


As our friends from MuscleCarsAndTrucks report, the truck started its life as a regular Sierra 1500 with a standard long bed. And no, building a short-bed truck doesn’t involve just cutting the cargo bed as it also requires frame cutting (ouch!) and other mechanical modifications. In addition, the owner wanted a muscle truck appearance and lowered the suspension and gave the vehicle a set of large chrome wheels.

The result so far is a sexy and perky Sierra with built and finish quality that looks like a product assembled on GMC’s production lines. The truck also got a style-matching sleek two-tone paint job that replaced the stock white color. Once all the little details are put together, it’s definitely going to be a head-turner in a modern world where manufacturers no longer produce short-bed trucks.

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