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Truck color trends, how will they translate from personal to professional?

What color we choose for our car says alot about us, or so it’s been said. Color is an expression of taste, individuality or even the desire to conform for some. The choice of color for personal vehicles can run the gamut but do professional vehicles get that same luxury? What about the hybrid world of trucking and specifically semi-trucks that do get the best of both worlds.  Professional with personal taste? Maybe just maybe the ideal combination and it just so happens to be the largest canvas for the art of color and design expression. So, how do vehicle and truck trends translate to semi-truck painting? Take a look and see what jumps out, according to Top Truck Trends, 2021. How does the backbone of the supply chain visually move itself into the future? Will 2022 produce a new crop? It’s early, let’s see.

With the “era or the pandemic” more and more trends lean towards road travel in a more self-contained form. For the family set the road trip as an option, which makes way for the trucking industry as the road is their “office space.” Which will stick? Some, maybe…

  • Nostalgic paint schemes seem to reign supreme with their orange, brown and yellow hues. Think 70’s and 80’s colors with retro paint schemes and black outlined wording to match. 
  • Off road desert racing weighs in with Baja-esque colors. Neutral beiges and sunset tones. 
  • LED’s: not so much a paint trend but rather a design addition upgrade. The movie “Cars” might have opened the door for this sub-category. We’ll give this one a well-deserved asterisk for honorable mention. 
  • Blue and Red: always a classic, always a favorite. The standard #2 and #3 choices when it comes to automotive paint. * The corporate branding may preclude an owner from the choice of one of these 2 colors. Always a trend nonetheless. 
  • White: a seemingly strange choice but to delve a little further makes good sense. It’s simply put, a blank canvas. Not so much an option for individuality and taste but more of the resale and conformity options. 

Whatever the trends show, whether a lone truck or a fleet, trends and taste can be subjective. The options are not always available or if they are it may be in smaller doses as seen with chrome flame details on a standard red or white truck. The desire though for individuality, big or small, will always follow fine craftsmanship. Quality first is the point that will always be agreed upon regardless of variations of design. Finding an outstanding resource for outstanding work is what drives a consumer’s choice. Quality almost always produces loyalty, a concept that will outlive any trend any day. 

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